Megatrend digitalization

Digital skills are by now seen as one of the basic cultural techniques and their influence on our lives will continue to increase on an even bigger scale. According to the futurologist Dr. Elke Wenzel, digitalization is one of the megatrends of our time.

Future trends in education

With the megatrend digitalization in mind, online seminars and webinars as well as the utilization of web 2.0 tools are future trends in the field of education. They pose new challenges to trainers because completely new methodological and didactic skills as well as technical tools are required.

“train the trainers”

Since work no longer takes place in an actual classroom but in a virtual room, it becomes indispensable for trainers to acquire new skills in order to compete successfully on the trainer-market. This is the starting point for the educate2014 project that was founded to create a training for trainers seminar for e-training/e-moderation with virtual synchronous and asynchronous learning offers.

Unique opportunity

With the training for trainers seminar, e-trainers/e-moderators will be able to follow the megatrend and set themselves apart. Since their currently are neither train-the-trainers courses for e-moderation nor media training, our cross-national project with partners from 6 different European countries (Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Slovakia and Romania) is a unique opportunity.

Goal: consistent level of knowledge

The partner firms from six European countries are all experienced in the matter of e-learning with the major goal of a consistent level of knowledge and skills in Europe. To achieve this goal, the project takes thirty months, it was started on November 1st 2013 and terminates at the end of April 2016. During this time, we want to accomplish:

  • Development of an intercultural training for e-moderation and e-training
  • Implementation of a pilot course, the training for trainers seminar
  • Create a final curriculum for e-training
  • Set up quality standards
  • Generate an e-learning platform in four languages
  • Development of a support tool to continue trainer assistance
  • Possible certification of the seminar on a national scale


In the near future, it will become possible to teach resource-efficiently and independent of time and location. Learning online will not only be available at university level, but will also be accessible to other targets (people with low-threshold education level). Adult education organizations and trainers can extend their range of training offers in their respective specialization. In this context, educate2014 aims at increasing the quality of teaching in the area of online seminars and webinars.