First “Train the Trainers”- seminars are carried out successfully

With 8 participants from the partner countries Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania and Greece, the first of the so called “Train the Trainers”- seminars are concluded. The feedback is very positive, motivated the trainers and opened constructive ways to improve the further seminars.

“Within the course I got many new ideas and the motivation for their implementation!”

In the multi-day seminars the participants got an impression what “e-learning” is in general as well as how to use web-based platforms. All the participants followed the seminar with great attention and were very interested about the new opportunities they can have with these web-based platforms.

“I had the chance to get to know many new and useful programs which were envisaged very interesting by the principle “learning by doing

After the theoretical input the participants were specifically trained to design their own creative learning modules and to share and distribute them over web-based platforms. This was done mainly through an independent and practical work with the support of the skilled trainers. This way of working and training was perceived by the participants as very positive.

“"Especially the practical exercises with the different programs were an inspiration for my own work"

The previous knowledge of the participants was very different. Some of them already had general experience in dealing with computers and web-based platforms, because it`s part of their everyday work environment. For others the use of the internet is no daily business. Nevertheless, the contents of the "train the trainers" seminar were designed and built up interesting and understandable for everybody, so that finally all participants were able to complete the seminar successfully and to receive their attendance certificates. After the seminar the participants filled out evaluation sheets where they could bring both, the positive aspects as well as criticism and suggestions for improvement, which are now evaluated and considered for the upcoming "train the trainers" seminars as far as possible. In all participating countries the seminar was received very positive and a continuation of the offer is desirable.

"A kind of build-up seminar for advanced training would be nice!”

This positive response really shows how big the interest for e-learning seminars and web-based platforms is and that gives us the confidence that the project "eDucate" with the "Train the Trainers”-seminar will establish very well. Furthermore you can also find an extensive experience-report of our participants on this website shortly.